Frequently Asked Questions


How do card breaks work?
Once an order is placed, Seve will open the order on stream at and will keep a collection of your cards until you are ready for them to be shipped.


Do I receive the bulk or only the hits?
Bulk is any commons and uncommon cards. Hits are rares and reverse holographic cards. You may absolutely request the bulk on stream while your break is conducted. Please note that shipping price is based on the size of your package.


Is shipping cost included in the prices?
Shipping is are NOT included in the pricing. Please contact Seve on the smiles squad discord or email him at to arrange for shipping. This is to allow customers to accumulate a lot of cards within a single package, making shipping more efficient. As a point of reference, shipping costs usually ~12 USD within the continental United States and Canada.



Does the stream have to be live for me to order?
No. You may order at any time as long as there is stock available. Your packs will be opened during the next earliest stream in order of time of purchase.


What is the Stream Schedule?
Streams occur Sundays through Thursdays at roughly 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST